Galaxy Wallpaper 1

Meet Gorigaroo, The Master of The Gong

I’ve been thinking of ways to help bring the story of Solarversia to life, so that when I talk to people about it, I have something to direct them to, something tangible that I can show them. I think that’s especially important now, in the nine or so months leading up to the date it gets published.

It’s also going to be useful for me, in getting to know the characters and the scenes better. Already it’s making me think hard about exactly what they look like, in the cases where the original descriptions have been only partial. I think the process will help feed back into the descriptions I use for the second and third drafts of the book, which I’m aiming to complete early in the New Year.

For now, meet Gorigaroo. This is the very first piece of concept art for the book, by an American guy called Jeff, who I found on Fiverr. I liked his minimal stlye and thought that it would be a good place to start for the more “interesting” characters who live aboard Castalia with Emperor Mandelbrot. I’m interested to see how the other characters turn out, as I started with what I thought was the easiest one. I’ve already ordered the second illustration, of a guy called Ludi Bioski.



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