Galaxy Wallpaper 2

Meet The Master of Randomness, Ludi Bioski

The other day we met Gorigaroo, Master of the Gong. I liked the picture that Jeff came up with and decided that I’d use him for all six of Emperor Mandelbrot’s entourage. I’ve started with the easier characters, I’m not too sure how Arkwal and the Emperor himself will turn out.

The second character to be brought to life is Ludi Bioski, the Master of Randomness. He’s drawn here on his own, without his Orbitini, the machine he uses to generate random events within the world of Solarversia. He brings the lions of Trafalgar square to life during an important race, and messes with the London Eye. He even turns an entire city into a giant bouncy castle. In short, he’s a lot of fun.

Here’s Ludi.

Ludi Bioski


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