Meet Banjax, The Dodectopus

This is the third piece of concept art that I’ve ordered from Jeff Hong on Fiverr. It’s Banjax, another one of the crazy characters from Castalia, Emperor Mandelbrot’s flying palace. I’m pleased how it’s turned out, given the lack of direction I provided, which was essentially “he’s an octopus, but with twelve arms instead of the usual eight – do your best.”

When Jeff came back with a sketch showing the additional arms around the head, instead of beneath it, I have to admit that I was unsure at first. But that’s the great thing about these concept pieces – they’re all about me finding my way in understanding what the characters truly look like. And once I left the image, and came back to it a bit later, I really warmed to it. I don’t know if that’s how Banjax is going to end up, but I hadn’t even considered the position of the tentacles properly before this, so it’s another valuable exercise.

Banjax is one of the dodectopi, and of one my favourite characters in the book. Nice one Jeff.



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