Dune Buggy by Algiark

First Look at Nova’s Car, Flynn, a Dune Buggy

In the world of Solarversia, players need to choose three vehicles to help them travel around:

  1. A Car
  2. A Boat
  3. A Plane

They collect their vehicles in that order, and one of their first tasks is to increase the speed of them from 1 to 100. There are hundreds of each vehicle type to choose from, and that’s before the player customises each one to their own design. In the novel Nova, the protagonist, who’s got a bit of a cyberpunk aesthetic going on, customises her three vehicles (a dune buggy, a hovercraft, and a bi-plane) with a futuristic Tron-esque look.

I found Algiark, an Indonesian guy on DeviantArt who was looking for work, and had drawn something similar. I gave him a full brief of what I wanted, first for the dune buggy. Here’s the first round of sketches he came back with:

Dune Buggy sketches by Algiark

I liked the one in the top right best, except for the aerials, so got him to amend those, and make a couple of other stylistic changes before moving on with some basic colouring in the next stage:

Dune Buggy draft by Algiark

Which was already looking pretty cool, before he came back with the final image:

Dune Buggy by Algiark

Looking good! Ok, so the words on the side are a little small (it says “Doors are for Bores”) but hey, this is concept art! If he’s got time, we’ll move on to the hovercraft next…

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