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This is Nova’s Profile

A few days ago I introduced the concept of the Player’s Grid, the way in which every player in the world of Solarversia has a unique number located somewhere in what is known as an Ulam Spiral. People will be able to traverse the grid using any internet-enabled device: desktops, laptops, tablets, phones … and of course VR headsets. You’ll be able to look at your own square, the people around you, or anyone, anywhere on it. People will “surf the grid” in the same way they surf the ‘net. It will be a new form of people-watching.

In the book, at present, the information contained on a grid square consists of:

  • The Player’s Name
  • The Player’s Number
  • Their Nationality
  • Their Avatar
  • Their Catchphrase
  • Their license plate number (defined by their grid location)
  • Their Three vehicles

I used Nas again, the awesome artist I found on Deviant Art, the same person that drew the first sketch of Nova. Once again, she delivered work that I was extremely happy with. Here’s the shitty sketch I sent her in the first place, forgetting both the Nationality and license plate:

Nova Square


Based off the world’s worst sketch, Nas came back with something I was already delighted with:


Nova Square Sketch Nas


And three brilliant sketches of the Nova’s vehicles (a dune buggy, a hovercraft and a Hawker Demon biplane):

Nova's Vehicles


And finally she came back with this, the first concept sketch showing Nova’s grid square. Awesome!

NovaGrid Resize


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