Wonka Golden Ticket

The Golden Grid

The central promotional tool for Solarversia is going to be something I’ve called the Golden Grid. It’s an area that exists within the Player’s Grid which is a central theme in the book. To quickly recap a few details:

  • In the book, 100 million play the Year Long Game.
  • Each person gets allocated a unique number (from 1 to 100,000,000)
  • Each number is located within the Player’s Grid and acts like a person’s profile. Check out Nova’s profile here
  • Number 1 is in the centre, and the numbers spiral outward from there
  • I want to make the game from the book in real life
  • The Golden Grid is a 10 x 10 block of numbers that I’m going to allocate to people who want to play the real game

Here’s the very centre of the Player’s Grid showing it Spiral out from the number 1:

Centre of Grid

Here’s the Golden Grid in relation to number 1:

Golden Square

And here’s a close-up of the Golden Grid showing each of the numbers:

Golden Square


Each number within the Golden Grid has a Golden Ticket assigned to it. Tickets will be allocated via competitions on Twitter and Facebook, book purchases and charity auctions. Winners will recieve a signed limited edition hardback copy of the book, their golden ticket, and their place both in the Player’s Grid, and I hope, in history.

UPDATE: The GoldenGrid just got a serious upgrade.

If you’d like to win one of the Golden Tickets, there’ll be only one way to find out about upcoming opportunities – via the newsletter. Make sure you sign up today!

Solarversia is brought to you by Toby Downton