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The Amazon Reviewers Game Results in Full

As regular readers know, I plan to bring the world of Solarversia to life so that people can play the game for real. The first step in that process has involved creating the Golden Grid, the 10×10 section of the Players Grid, to use for promotional purposes, just like Spiralwerks did in the book. The first of the Golden Grid promotions is known as the Amazon Reviewers Game and was open to anyone who reviewed the book by the 30th September (within one month of launch) and submitted that review to me via the form on the page. Here’s a video to walk you through what happened next, and beneath that, some juicy figures and graphs. Enjoy!


Note: some readers have reported an issue with being unable to view the video on their devices. Here’s a link to it on YouTube.


The Results in Full – Table sorted by 1st Guess in Ascending Order

NameDate of Entry1st Guess1st Guess Freq
Justin S09/03/1521
Jason M8/30/201532
Sarah L09/03/1532
Bar T09/02/1542
Dan B09/12/1542
Robert Mc09/12/1552
Samantha S9/27/201552
Jake B9/30/201561
Dmitriy B9/15/201575
Karsyn S9/16/201575
Trevor S9/23/201575
John De9/24/201575
Kynan D9/28/201575
Matias C8/31/201584
Dom H8/31/201584
Andrew D8/31/201584
Joel N9/23/201584
Neil G09/01/1594
Tony P09/02/1594
Mick K09/10/1594
Joshua S9/14/201594
April S09/02/15116
Kelly H9/14/2015116
Joshua P9/21/2015116
Daniel Go9/23/2015116
Anna L9/26/2015116
Andy P09/05/15123
James G9/23/2015123
Joshua R9/28/2015123
Alex T09/01/15132
Doug F9/30/2015132
Dan Ga9/30/2015141
Leigh B9/17/2015151
Bob W09/01/15176
Eric G9/13/2015176
Brandon S9/23/2015176
Alex S9/23/2015176
David Wi9/30/2015176
John V9/30/2015176
James Di09/02/15181
Zack L8/30/2015192
Viktor B9/29/2015192
David Wa8/31/2015213
Jamie R9/18/2015213
Alex W9/23/2015213
Justin C9/28/2015221
Luke T8/31/2015233
Cristian V9/29/2015233
Noe P9/29/2015233
Colin B9/30/2015261


The Results Across Both Games – Table sorted by Sum of Frequency for both Guesses in Ascending Order

NameDate of Entry1st Guess1st Guess Freq2nd Guess2nd Guess FreqSum of Freq
Dan B09/12/1542613
Alex T09/01/151322713
James Di09/02/15181723
Viktor B9/29/20151921613
Justin C9/28/20152211223
Colin B9/30/2015261123
Justin S09/03/15212534
Doug F9/30/2015132724
Dan Ga9/30/20151411334
Leigh B9/17/2015151934
Luke T8/31/2015233814
Noe P9/29/2015233514
Jason M8/30/2015322535
Bar T09/02/15421335
Samantha S9/27/201552935
Jake B9/30/201561445
Joel N9/23/2015842815
Joshua S9/14/2015942115
Jamie R9/18/20152132225
Alex W9/23/20152132325
Cristian V9/29/20152331525
Sarah L09/03/15321946
Robert Mc09/12/1552446
Andy P09/05/151231336
James G9/23/20151231736
David Wa8/31/20152131436
Trevor S9/23/2015751227
Matias C8/31/2015842537
Tony P09/02/15941437
Anna L9/26/20151161017
Joshua R9/28/20151231947
Zack L8/30/2015192357
Karsyn S9/16/201575938
Dom H8/31/201584448
Andrew D8/31/2015841148
Neil G09/01/15941148
Bob W09/01/151762328
Brandon S9/23/2015176128
John V9/30/20151762228
John De9/24/2015751949
Kynan D9/28/201575449
Mick K09/10/1594359
Joshua P9/21/20151161739
Daniel Go9/23/20151161739
Eric G9/13/20151761439
Dmitriy B9/15/2015753510
Alex S9/23/201517619410
David Wi9/30/201517611410
April S09/02/151163511
Kelly H9/14/20151163511


Some Juicy Statistics

Average guess game one = 12.31
Average guess game two = 12.81
Lowest number not chosen in game one = 1
Lowest number not chosen in game two = 2
Number of people who chose a different number in game two = 52 (everyone)


Some Choice Tweets

Nice misdirection from Jake (who ended up going with ‘6’, the 2nd lowest unique number)

Ballsy chat from Freya (her choice of’ ’10’ was the 3rd lowest unique number)

Nerves were all over the place

Another display of confidence (from Brandon whose choice of ’17’ was the most popular number in game one)

Strategic thinking from John:

Some interesting thoughts from Sarah and Zack….!

And a couple of interesting tweets from Jason (#NotEasyBeingArkwini)


The Wooden Spoons


Wooden Spoon - April Sarah

Wooden Spoon #1 – April Sarah

Wooden Spoon - Kelly Harrison

Wooden Spoon #2 – Kelly Harrison


All hail the champion, the winner of the Amazon Reviewers Game and the first person in history to gain a place in the Players Grid:
Justin Stanley

You can congratulate Justin on Twitter here. Justin – I forgot to mention in the video that I’ll be in touch via email to get your address (for the signed copy) and to put you in touch with Nas, my concept artist to create your profile square artwork. Exiciting!

By the way, you can help me out by tweeting / recommending a similar article on Medium (I’d rather you retweeted that one, it will reach more people. You can join Medium in about five seconds using your Twitter credentials.) Thanks in advance for your support  :-)


Until next time Solos…..!

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