Think Different

Introducing Square Number 993

Last week I revealed the results of the Amazon Reviewers Game in full. There were 52 entrants and everyone was surprised when lowly number 2 won the day (and even more surprised when everyone ignored number 1!). That number was chosen by Justin Stanley from Canada, self-confessed Tech geek, iOS swift software dev, gaymer, and fitness freak.

I hooked Justin up with Nas, my brilliant concept artist, and asked him to describe his vehicles and provide an avatar name and catchphrase. The results are below and the three of us are delighted. Thanks to Justin for being such a good sport, and a big shout-out to Nas for once again working so fast and for creating something so great!

The Brief
Justin is a swift iOS developer and he wanted to incorporate the logo into the design for his vehicles in some fashion:

Swift Logo

Other than that he said:

Since the logo is of a bird, i think the plane should be named after it and be called “Swift” and can take cues from the bird in the logo as much as you’d like—i think clean, sleek and aerodynamic are good cues for all three vehicles. Let’s call the car “Lightning” and the boat “Metal”


Leading Nas to create these cool sketches:
Vehicle sketches

More sketches:
Vehicle sketches 2

First draft of profile square:
Profile sketch


And, after a fair amount of back and forth with questions about numbers and catchphrases and shortcodes, we settled upon this awesome profile square, the first one ever to be produced in the Solarversia universe. Note the violet band – three lives left!


And because Nas is brilliant and is a stickler for detail, she followed up with squares for the different lives (violet, green, red and extinguished)


Solarversia quiz coming in December. Open to everyone except Justin Stanley. Are you going to think different?


Solarversia is brought to you by Toby Downton