Here’s What Solarversia Is all About
Toby Downton, author of Solarversia


Hi, I’m Toby Downton, the author of Solarversia.

After many years of waiting, Virtual Reality is finally here. And it really works this time…!

It’s a new medium whose impact on society and culture will exceed that of mobile phones. Immersion is going to change the world.

I decided to write a novel about a game which is played in virtual reality in the year 2020. Read on to find out more.



The 10 Things You Need To Know About Solarversia


  1. The Book Got Its Name From Our Solar System
    The virtual world is based on the planets in our own Solar System, including little Pluto. Players start on a small island in the South Atlantic ocean and need to get their cars, boats and planes before they can explore the rest of the Earth. They need to work together to trigger the 10 switches that control the Earth Force Field, allowing them to explore the rest of the Solar System.
  2. It’s a Year-Long Game That Starts In The Year 2020
    100 million people play Solarversia, over the course of one year, starting on the 29th February 2020. Each player starts with three lives and needs to accumulate items, speed points and teleport tokens along the way, until one player is left standing.
  3. They’re All Playing To Win a Grand Prize of £10m
    The last person standing at the end of the year wins the grand prize of £10m.
    There can be only one!
  4. We’re Rooting For a Girl Called Nova
    The protagonist of our tale is eighteen year-old Nova Negrahnu from Maidstone in Kent. She’s helped on her way by best friends Burner and Sushi, and an Electropet named Zhang.
  5. The Bad Guys Are Really Crazy
    Not only does young Nova have to contend with beating 99,999,999 other players. She also manages to get involved with a techno-mystical, quasi-religious terrorist organisation who live in an old narco-submarine in the middle of the Mississippi Delta.
  6. The Player’s Grid
    In the game every player is given a unique number from 1 to 100,000,000. These numbers are located in squares within the Player’s Grid, a concept which features in many of the games. Each square acts like a profile page for the player. Check out the first piece of concept art for Nova’s Square to see how I’ve visualised it.
  7. The Imagined Becomes The Real
    Solarversia is a game I want to make happen in the REAL world – one that YOU will be able to play in Virtual Reality, just like the characters in the book. In order to make this happen I’ve created a company (the same one that features in the book) and will put all revenue (book sales, film rights and merchandise) into it, making it investable. Join the newsletter to receive updates on playing it for real!
  8. There’s 100 Golden Tickets Up For Grabs
    The first hundred numbers that are up for grabs are located within the Golden Grid – a 10 x 10 block of numbers in the Player’s Grid. Numbers will be assigned via a variety of methods including competitions, signed book sales and charity auctions. Each person will receive a signed, limited-edition hardback copy of the book as well as their Golden Ticket and special place on the Player’s Grid. The first of the Golden Tickets has been reserved for the person who wins the Amazon Reviewer’s Game. The second Golden Ticket is reserved for the book blogger who wins the Book Blogger Promotional Game.
  9. Where You Can Buy it
    The book is now available on Amazon, both physical and kindle versions. An audio version is in the works and shoud be ready by the end of October.
  10. How You Can Try it
    Signup to the newsletter to receive the first fifteen chapters for free! Unsure whether it’s any good? Check out what people are saying about the book on Twitter, or read the reviews on Goodreads.


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