The Amazon Reviewers Game




This game was the first in a series of innovative competitions involving the Golden Grid. It was open to anyone that didn’t know me personally, and required people to send me a link to their Amazon review by the 30th September.

How To Enter

  1. Read the book.
  2. Write an honest review on Amazon by midnight on the 30th September. If you received a review copy, please state this in your review.
  3. Send me the permalink (explained below) of your review using the below form.
  4. I will email you to confirm your entry. If you haven’t heard from me within 24 hours please email me directly on to check I received it ok.


Once the month is up I’ll send an email to everyone who entered, telling them how many people are playing the game. Players will be asked to provide me with their guess for the “Lowest Unique Number.” This is one of the many games played by Nova, the protagonist, in the novel (see excerpt below).

The winner of the game will receive a signed copy of the book and will be assigned Player Number 993 in the Golden Grid (see below). I’ll get my concept artist to create a profile square for that person, bringing their avatar and vehicle choices to life.

There’s an additional mini-game for anyone that enters by midday, UK time on Thursday 3rd September. You’ll need to estimate the total number of entrants to the Amazon Reviewers Game. The person that provides the closest estimate will win a signed copy of the book.

The mini-game is now closed!

Social Media
If you want to discuss the game on social media, please use hashtag #ARG993
Twitter live feed here.


Excerpt from the book:

“It was all about the Golden Grid back then — the ten-by-ten section of the Player’s Grid that had been reserved by Spiralwerks for a series of promotional events. The very first number to have been assigned to any player, anywhere in the world — 993 — was the square located in the bottom right hand corner of the Golden Grid, and it had been appointed using the same game.
Although Nova had missed out on playing it — only a few thousand people even knew that Solarversia existed back then — she’d discussed it in length with Burner. He’d been more interested in the maths side of the game, she in the psychology. The game had also been discussed in length on blogs and in newspapers during the week the few hundred entrants had had to make up their minds.
As unlikely as it had seemed to Nova at the time, many players had gone for numbers under ten, reasoning that others would steer clear. In this way, answers were always distributed more heavily toward the lower numbers, in a clear attempt to choose a lowest unique one. The words ‘Gaussian distribution’ and ‘skew’ appeared in her mind. If only she’d paid more attention in Mr McGillycuddy’s maths lessons.”



Square 993 in the Golden Grid
Square 993
(high-res link)

Solarversia is brought to you by Toby Downton