Concept Art


The Emperor is in The House

Emperor Mandelbrot’s role is analogous to that of Master of Ceremonies at a wedding. He’s the official host of the event, and even though he doesn’t speak, he oversees the year long game and has a forbidding presence. We saw his home, the flying palace of Castalia, a few days ago. Here’s Emperor Mandelbrot. Or, to…


Castalia, The Flying Palace

Castalia, the flying palace, is a central setting in Solarversia. It’s the home of Emperor Mandelbrot and his entourage (Ludi Bioski, Banjax, and Spee-Akka Dey Bollarkoo), and also the place where the year long game begins. It’s a cube with a hemisphere affixed to each of its faces, six hemispheres affixed to each of them,…


Meet Banjax, The Dodectopus

This is the third piece of concept art that I’ve ordered from Jeff Hong on Fiverr. It’s Banjax, another one of the crazy characters from Castalia, Emperor Mandelbrot’s flying palace. I’m pleased how it’s turned out, given the lack of direction I provided, which was essentially “he’s an octopus, but with twelve arms instead of…

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