Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s Solarversia about then?

A: It’s a novel about a year-long game played in virtual reality in the year 2020. Because the virtual world is modelled on the solar system, the book’s fans have been pitching it to their friends as “The Hunger Games meets The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.


Q: Where can I buy it?

A: You can buy both the physical and the Kindle versions on Amazon. Link to the US store here, link to the UK store here.


Q: And you plan to make the game in the book, in the real world?

A: Yes, absolutely. The one consistent desire that readers have is to be able to emulate the adventures of the protagonists in their stories. I want to give them that opportunity, allowing them to play the game they’ve read about for real.


Q: How similar do you expect the real world game to be?

A: The simple answer is that I’d like it to be as similar as possible. Some aspects will need to be changed either because they’re not technically feasible by 2020, or aren’t actually desirable from a real world gaming perspective.


Q: How do you plan to market the book?

A: In the book, each of the 100 million players has a unique number in the Player’s Grid. Spiralwerks, the company behind the game, selected a 10×10 area of the grid, called it The Golden Grid, and used it to promote the game via a series of innovative competitions. I’m doing the same thing in real life. Go to this page to find out about upcoming promotions. The best way to find out about upcoming golden ticket opportunities is to join the newsletter.


Q: Are you looking for a traditional publisher?

A: Yes. Feel free to contact me about that.

Solarversia is brought to you by Toby Downton