The Golden Grid Comes to Life


The Player’s Grid is a central concept in the game world of Solarversia. It contains 100 million squares that act like profiles for the players, showing their gaming information. Here’s an early piece of concept art for Nova’s square:

NovaGrid Resize


In the book, Spiralwerks, the company behind the game – which author Toby Downton has incoporated in real life – selected a 10 x 10 section of the Player’s Grid and called it the Golden Grid. They used these 100 squares to promote the game through a series of competitions and charity auctions. Because Toby wants the real world to mirror the fictional, he’s created the Golden Grid for real and will also be using it to promote the game. This page will document the progress of all 100 squares – the upcoming competitions and those squares which have already been won. Complete instructions for each competition will be sent out via the newsletter, so make sure you’re on it!

Winners will receive:

  • A signed copy of the book
  • Their place in the Player’s Grid
  • A Golden Ticket with the square’s number on it

Do you fancy winning a place in the Golden Grid – and possibly a place in history?

Profiles with Vehicles


Competition #1: Golden Square 993 – The Amazon Reviewers Game

Square 993 is in the bottom righthand corner of the Golden Grid. It will be the first square in the history of Solarversia to be assigned. The game is based on one that Nova plays in the book at one point.

Competition format: Lowest Unique Number
Eligibility: Anyone who reviews the book on Amazon from the 31st August – 30th September

Update – this square was won by reader Justin Stanley!
Full details here.
Square 993



Competition #2: Golden Square 1897 – Solarversia Quiz

Square 1897 will be assigned via a quiz about the world of Solarversia. Again, this mirrors the fictional world within the book – players needed to master the Science of Solarversia to stand a chance of winning and Knowledge was one of the four elements involved. The competition is scheduled to run on Saturday 9th April.

Competition format: Quiz
Eligibility: Anyone on the newsletter

Square 1897



Solarversia is brought to you by Toby Downton